Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program – New and Improved?

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program – New and Improved?

As I write this article, I thought back to the several different occasions where I thought "why can't we use our own objectives and have them work under a more broad category instead of looking at the HSEEP Exercise and Evaluation Guides (EEGs) and seeing if ours would 'fit in' and still be counted."

Well, now HSEEP has heard our concerns and has revised the guidance and templates to be more flexible to allow our objectives to be integrated into the more "broad" category known as capabilities.  The new HSEEP guidance and templates were revised last April and are available at Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS) website.  Registration and a login is required for membership and full access to the LLIS website; however, you can access the HSEEP documents in the "Public Document Library" located on the left hand side of the webpage by typing the word HSEEP in the "Title/Abstract" filter.

With this revision, all previous volumes are now consolidated into one 71 page document.  The new revisions also include a shift from Targeted Capabilities to Core Capabilities.  Now, you can exercise objectives that work with your organization instead of trying to work your objectives into a template.

A few highlights of the documents include:

HSEEP Guidance
Situation Manual template
Exercise Plan template
After-Action Report/Improvement Plan template
Easy to use EEGs (Search "EEG" in the "Title/Abstract" filter.)

HSEEP supports efforts across the whole community that can improve your capacity to build, sustain, and deliver core capabilities that are geared toward preparing for both small and large responses.  All organizations and coalitions working in emergency planning and response will need to adapt to these new documents and templates to move forward in their exercise design process.

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Tsoetsy Harris, MPH, MEP

Tsoetsy Harris, MPH, MEP

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